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precision grinding training materials

PRECISION GRINDING, 1st Edition,by Victor E. Repp, Ed.D, published by the National Tooling and Machining Association. 318 Pages. $50 plus shipping.(Price may change without notice.)
(An instructor’s manual is also available. $45)

Here’s a completely new publication useful as an introduction to grinding technology applied to manufacture of metal parts. Broader is scope than other abrasives training books, Precision Grinding covers the basics including type of abrasives, wheel bonds, grinding fluids, types of grinding machines, as well as special chapters on coated abrasive applications, the basics of CNC grinding, creep feed grinding and electrochemical grinding. The emphasis is upon machining with bonded abrasives. Mr. Repp has made an extensive effort to include up-to-date drawings and photos for this heavily illustrated book.
The author, Dr. Victor E. Repp, is a retired professor from Bowling Green University, who has used the help of the Grinding Wheel Institute, Norton Company, 3M, Cincinnati Milacron, and Jones and Shipman to prepare a new textbook on machining with abrasives. Dr. Repp is known for his Metalworking Fundamental. Though this work is a textbook targeted to a technical schools, the scope and illustations make it an excellent resource for apprentiship programs as well as as part of a formal curriculum.

  1. Introduction
  2. Abrasives used in grinding applications
  3. Coated abrasives
  4. Grinding wheel composition, shape and coding
  5. Cutting spees, machinability and grindability, and grinding wheel selection
  6. Cutting fluids
  7. Working safely with grinding machines
  8. Truing, dressing and shaping grinding wheels
  9. Surface grinding
  10. Center type cylindrical grinding
  11. Centerless grinding
  12. Tool and cutter grinding
  13. Precision abrasive belt grinding
  14. Abrasive Sawing
  15. Advanced grinding methods

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